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Dealer Line: 310-217-2378  |  Toll Free: 800-572-9029
Working hours: M - F: 7:30am to 4:00pm

Let's Turn Your Blandscape
Into A Grandscape

Stepstone Dealers Meet Stepstone’s Standards

Stepstone Dealers Meet Stepstone’s Standards With product quality and customer service among the key components to Stepstone’s success, we work towards having a consistent customer experience regardless of where Stepstone products are purchased. Stepstone Dealers, become our dealers if they meet certain standards.

  • Must be a Building/Masonry yard or Nursery and in business to support landscaping – the landscape industry or customers with landscape projects
  • Facilities - the yard space to house our product and the equipment, such as a forklift, to support the sale of Stepstone precast concrete to customers
  • Demonstrate a solid financial footing which suggests the stability to stock our product, if they so desire, and a commitment to their business
  • Retail operations – open to the public with regular hours and staff
  • Facility maintenance – good product organization and safety practices
  • A company culture dedicated to servicing customers

With over 250 dealers in California and Nevada combined, plus our ongoing efforts to expand our Dealer network, Stepstone products are readily available through local masonry and building supply outlets. Delivering the ideal exterior finish to your project, our exclusive line of Dealer Products combines sophisticated, elegant styling with high-strength hard rock concrete. And, with over 50 years in business, Stepstone’s experience, innovation, and expertise come with every piece of our precast concrete.

Quality Matters to Customers – Dealers – Stepstone